Uni Cricket Club Break World Record

(Published in The Galleon)

The University of Portsmouth Cricket Club have set a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Indoor Cricket Marathon, raising almost £2000 for charity online in the process.

The previous record of 25 hours and 59 minutes was set by the Tigers Indoor Cricket Team from South Africa back in 2014, but the University’s club eventually managed to beat that with a whopping time of 30 hours and 40 minutes.

Although the original aim was to finish on a time of around 36 hours, the actual time that was set was still almost five hours more than the South African side managed, and was therefore easily enough to secure the record.

The event was set up in order to raise awareness and money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. As of Sunday evening, the total amount of cash raised on the fundraiser’s Virgin Money Giving site stands at £1925. During the day there were also bucket collections in the Spinnaker Sports Centre, and it is thought that the overall amount raised is somewhere in the region of £2500.

Two teams of eight players played back-to-back continuous indoor games in the Sports Centre. Crowds of people came in and out to offer their support throughout the day, although none of the players were allowed outside of the sports hall at any time.


Before the fundraiser, the Cricket Club had gained the support of Hampshire County Cricket Club, who published a story about the attempt on their official website and, along with many others, tweeted messages of encouragement throughout the event.

In addition to messages of support, Nature Valley donated protein bars and Pop Chips donated crisps to keep the players and fans going throughout the attempt.

Another organisation to help out was UPSU TV, who broadcast the attempt live on YouTube, with the footage is still available to watch on their channel.

During the attempt, one of the event organisers Jack Maciver said: “We play a lot of indoor cricket through BUCS and tournaments and we just happened to be on Guinness World Records and we found the record. We thought it was definitely something we could give a go and it kind of spiralled from there.

He added: “It’s the same squads going at it for the whole time and its continuous back to back games so we’re just making sure we’re keeping each other going and not annoying each other too much and pacing ourselves.

“They started off pretty quickly in the first half an hour but they’ve slowly got into the rhythm of it and realised that 36 hours is a long time!”

Even though the fundraiser is now over, you can still donate to the charity through the event’s online page.

Jack said: “The charity we’ve chosen is The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and the reason we’ve chosen it is that there’s a couple of members in our club whose family members and close ones have had experience with the charity, so it kind of seemed a bit of a no brainer really.”


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